About Cole & Eva

We know what it’s like to live in extreme lack.

After hitting the worst financial place in our married life, we came to the realization that this was not God’s best for our lives. We knew that there was more available to us. We desired to give more, steward more resources and live in not only financial freedom, but abundance.

Living in Abundance

From that place of desperation we took the time to strategize a plan. This didn’t come easy- there was no compass for us to follow; rather we had to blaze our own trail. While our efforts did not come easy, we knew that God breathed on our endeavors. Multiple businesses later, Healthy Hustle Life was birthed. Our desire is to help provide starting entrepreneurs with a roadmap of the tools that we have learned along the way.

It is possible to enjoy the John 10:10 abundant life that Jesus paid for you to have—without losing your marriage, children, ministry or your mind. As you join us on this journey, we will help equip you with the tools of what it means to have a healthy business that empowers you, rather than a business that drains you.

Our 4 Values in our Every Day:

1. Leave people better than you found them.

2. People over profit.

3. Life is more about the journey than the destination; enjoy the ride!

4. Kingdom first and everything else follows! 

"Cole and Eva are a Husband & Wife duo, Parents to two beautiful children, owners of multiple businesses and are Pastors in ministry."